GetYourContractor Brother Group

About Us

Influencing the construction landscape Since 2016, Get Your Contractor, a subsidiary of Tech Brothers Group Inc.,is dedicated to providing homeowners, business owners and commercial building owners with exceptional services in finding the right contractor for the job!

We continue to dedicate ourselves towards connecting you with the leading contractors in your area so that you are able to get the best service possible. In this way, we bring a more practical approach to finding quality contractors in your area that are also affordable.

Our Mission

It takes extraordinary qualities to achieve exceptional results.

We acknowledge that no two construction projects are alike, which is why we have created a platform where home owners, business owners and building owners can find experienced contractors who can provide them with environmentally friendly service, tailor-made specifically for each individual project.

Finding the right contractor that’s the perfect fit for the job can open doors to endless possibilities, bringing out the best in any construction project, while dealing with any obstacles. We are focused on the bigger picture of what exceptional skills and potential can do for an workplace, commercial, or residential project.

Our Vision

To Be a Service You Can Trust!

Our aim is to become the most trusted and reputable platform where commercial, residential and retail clients can connect with contractors who are widely recognized as being the best at handling all the nuances of a construction project. In this way, we our vision is to become a leader in providing a platform where our clients can acquire qualified contractors for various construction projects. We aim to achieve this vision with innovation and creativity.

Our algorithm helps create the correct job details.We’ve also included very specific questions that enable us to pair our clients with the most suitable contractor.

Our Values

We believe in transparency.

On our site, visitors can view pictures of previous projects along with customer reviews before they make a decision. Our commitment is to provide a versatile service to our clients, which also happens to be predictable. The contractors you will find on our platform adhere to agreed construction schedules, so you can expect exceptional quality, certainty and value.

In addition to our abilities of providing a trusted and reliable platform where homeowners, and business owners can find quality contractors, our capabilities also extend to offering added services, allowing contractors to create invoices for projects, which can then be sent to clients via our website. We pride ourselves in providing all our clients with unmatched services that are efficient, reliable and affordable.

We Are Committed to Providing You with Exceptional Service, without Any Exceptions!