Terms and Conditions

A solid foundation can go a long way. Get Your Contractor, a subsidiary of Tech Brothers Group Inc., is here to provide you with bespoke construction management services by connecting you to the best contractors in your area.

The terms and conditions shared here are between Get Your Contractor and you (“user” and “contractor”) – the visitor or anyone who uses Getyourcontractor.com. By using this website, you agree to the terms and conditions given below, including a $10.00 fee for every lead a contractor responds to.

Important Definitions

“User” refers to anyone who uses the platform of Get Your Contractor to get a quote from a contractor.

“Personal information” refers to any information of a personal nature that’s provided by the user on this site.

“Site” refers to website: www.Getyourcontractor.com, along with sub-domains and other servers that the site connects to or with.

“Service provider” (contractor) refers to any company/individual who receives the information. This will also include any personal information that is shared between the user and the contractor that will be useful to provide the services you need.

Eligibility Criteria

Those who agree with the terms and conditions of the services offered by Find Your Contractor, which is available to individuals aged 18 and above.

Service Objectives

Get Your Contractor is a service aimed at homeowners, business owners and private building owners who are looking for specialized construction services. Our platform can be used to find experienced and suitable contractors to oversee construction projects (residential, commercial and government). Get Your Contractor matches requests from customers (you) with contractors who offer building construction and home improvement services.

Get Your Contractor is not involved in the actual transaction process between user and the service provider. Get Your Contractor is not able to ensure the follow up of any service/transaction. Consequently, Get Your Contractor does not have any control over the safety, legality or quality of any service that is provided by a service provider found on the platform, since Get Your Contractor does not personally provide the services.

Get Your Contractor merely acts as a platform where users get to connect with contractors in their area and submit their requests to contractors who are listed under various categories. Get Your Contractor does not charge for the services, but a $10.00 fee will be charged for every request a contractor responds to.

Privacy & Information Sharing

With relevance to all of the information that is submitted by the user on our website, you (the user) solely agree and request Fine Your Contractor to forward your request for a quote and personal information to be shared with service providers (contractors).

By using the platform of Get Your Contractor, you agree with the condition to be contacted by service providers, and that you will not hold the website Get Your Contractor, its parent company Tech Brothers Group Inc.,agents, employees etc., for any grievance, complaints, actions or claims of any sort that arose from submitting your personal information on the site Find Your Contractor. You agree to be contacted by Get Your Contractor for: market research, marketing of products or services, or to find out your experience with the website Get Your Contractor and the service providers.

You acknowledge that Get Your Contractor does not have any control, influence or authority over any of the service providers (contractors) in our listing, and therefore cannot be held liable for the conduct of any service provider (contractor). You acknowledge and agree upon not holding Get Your Contractor or Tech Brothers Group Inc., its parent company liable (legally or otherwise) for the conduct of any contractor.

Service Providers (contractors)

By using our services, you acknowledge that the contractors on our website subscribe to our platform for a fee in return for their business/services being displayed in our listing. Our platform charges $10.00 for every lead a contractor responds to. Apart from this arrangement, Get Your Contractor has no financial interest, nor are we a shareholder in any of the businesses or service providers. Get Your Contractor does not preference any one contractor over the other. Any recommendations that may be made by Get Your Contractor are not approvals or endorsements of the particular service provider (contractor).

Sharing project requests / project details with contractors

Get Your Contractor, as a platform to connect homeowners, business owners, building owners with local contractors always makes an effort to send the customer’s request to contractors. You acknowledge that Get Your Contractor will not be held responsible should the contractor not reply with a quote for your project.

Private Communication (between user and contractor)

Users are not allowed to use any of the services of a contractor who is listed on our website. Neither are you to accept any service by a contractor who contacts you after you have submitted your personal information on our website.

Ideas Sharing

By using the services of Get Your Contractor, you are granting a non-exclusive and irrevocable license to use any information, ideas or material that you share with the contractor via our platform. You agree that Get Your Contractor may use or adapt your concepts, ideas, or other content that’s contained in your communications with us for any purpose without compensation or restriction.

Responsibilities of the User

By using our services you agree that you will not sent any unlawful, defamatory, threatening, racially offensive, or any information that violates our agreement, and so on via our service. If so, any violation will be dealt with under the applicable law. You agree not to use the website for any unlawful activities.

Sharing Correct Information

By using our service, you agree that you are going to provide Get Your Contractor with correct and up to date details to the service providers (contractors).

Limitations of Liabilities

Get Your Contractor excludes all responsibility or liabilities for any kind of loss or damages that are incurred by the user due to the service provider. Get Your Contractor is also not going to be held responsible for any loss of damage in connection with the use, or inability to use of our website, any website linked with Get Your Contractor or third party services. We are also not to be held responsible for any damage due to viruses or other harmful computer programs that infect your computer equipment while using our service. By using our service, you agree to our agreement and acknowledge your responsibilities when it comes to following the rules and terms of service laid out by Get Your Contractor.


Get Your Contractor reserves the right to stop or discontinue any user account or service provider at any time, without any reason or prior notice.Get Your Contractor reserves the right to change, amend or modify any information given on this page at any time at our discretion. It is up to the user to stay up to date with our Terms and Conditions policy by regularly visiting this page.