Back Yard Concrete Replacement.

Project Scope

01) Remove existing Concrete from premises

02) Supply and Install Wire Mesh to reinforce with Concrete

03) Supply and Install Epansion joints

04) Supply a Concrete Mix pump to pump all mix to the yard

05) Supply and Install new 4,500 PSI Concrete

06) Once Concrete is fully cured We will supply and Install Caulking to all Expasion Joints 

07) We will provide a broom finish to New Concrete  

Note: Project Cost is based on 500 sq ft mininum order. Anything above 1000 sq will come with a discount cost. 

Please fee free to send us all or any questions to 

Price Details :

Amount Quantity Total Price
$25 (* per sq ft price) (*type your area in sq ft) $0.00

Payment Types :

Down Payment : $0.00
1st Payment : $0.00
Final Payment : $0.00
Total : $0.00

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