Bathtub Replacement

Bathtub Replacement Project Scope

01) We will supply small fittings if required

02) Owner to provide bathtub and parts needed

03) Owner to provide desired Tile- Must match existing in size and thickness

04) We will remove existing bathtub

05) Install New Bathtub- Provided by owner 

06) Install new sheetrock- Mold resistant 

07) Install New Tile- Thinset provided by us.

08) Install New Grout- Color Grout provided by Owner

09) Clean and remove all debri

NOTE: We are only responsible to remove and install new bathtub as well as the cement board and tile. Please note that protection shall be taken care by the customer before starting any work

Price Details :

Amount Quantity Total Price
$2,500 (* per EA price) (*type your area in EA) $0.00

Payment Types :

Down Payment : $0.00
1st Payment : $0.00
Final Payment : $0.00
Total : $0.00

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