Two Ply Sytem SBS Roof Replacement.

Roof System

01) Remove exisisting membrane-( Adbestos testing neither adbestos removal is included )  

02) Patch entire Roof area using fast setting mortar ( Damage areas)

03) Primer Entire Concrete or Wood Deck with quick dry primer

04) Supply and Install a bapor barrier 

05) Supply and Install a base sheet- 

06) Supply and Install a Cap Sheet- White Color or black if approved by owner

07)  Supply and Install Liquid Flashing to all penetrations.

08) Liquid Flashing to entire perimeter 


01) Price does not include adbestos testing neither removal. 

02) Price does not cover liquid membrane flashing unless cost is approved by owner 

03) Price comes with 20 Yeae NDL

03) If your project scope is a litter be different  from want wehave please send bid package to We will get back to you in time! price might change a bit!

Price Details :

Amount Quantity Total Price
$30 (* per sq ft price) (*type your area in sq ft) $0.00

Payment Types :

Down Payment : $0.00
1st Payment : $0.00
Final Payment : $0.00
Total : $0.00

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