Concrete ( Sidewalk Installation) 

Project Scope 

01) Pull DOT Permit

02) Remove existing Side walk concrete

03) Compact sidewalk ground

04) Supply and Install Wire Mesh- Regular

05) Supply and Install Expansion joints

06) Supply and Install 4,500 PSI Concrete or specify

07) Provide a broom finish

08) Once concrete is cured we will supply and install sealant- This will be install on all expansion joints 

Price above is based on 500 Sq ft Area. Anthing above 1000 sq ft we can work on a better number. 

Thank You!


Price Details :

Amount Quantity Total Price
$18 (* per sq ft price) (*type your area in sq ft) $0.00

Payment Types :

Down Payment : $0.00
1st Payment : $0.00
Final Payment : $0.00
Total : $0.00

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